Our Mission

Climate Change Made Tangible

We empower property buyers, owners, and brokers by exposing and quantifying the risks related to the climate crisis through our proprietary risk assessment and report.

In the Press

Add ‘Climate Hazards’ to Your Home-Buyer’s Checklist

Maps and other data are now available to help buyers analyze the risks of fires, floods and other disasters when searching for a new house.

These Places Are Bound to Burn and People Keep Moving There

Of the 15 counties with the highest risk of fire by 2050, two-thirds have growing populations, according to a new analysis from ClimateCheck, a startup that gives people access to climate data about individual properties.

See how susceptible your home is to fires, floods, and other climate disasters

As the climate rapidly changes and gets more dangerous, it’s good to know what you’re in store for. This site gives you a picture.

Our Team

We are science, real estate and technology veterans with a passion for consumer advocacy and conservation.

Dr. Annie Preston

PhD Computer Science, UC Davis

Annie is a data scientist focused on risk communication and data visualization for atmospheric science, air pollution, and wildfire management.

Maximilian Stiefel

MS Geography, UC Santa Barbara

Max is an environmental scientist focused on socio-environmental risk and resilience to wildfire, drought, and other hazards. He is a former fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

Dr. Skylar Olsen

PhD Economics, Univ. of Washington

Skylar is an economist specialized in environmental policy and econometrics. She was previously Senior Principal Economist and Director of Economic Research at Zillow.

Dr. Julian Fulton

PhD Energy & Resources, UC Berkeley

Julian is a water resources researcher with expertise in drought, water conservation, and hydrology. He is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at California State University Sacramento.

Dr. John Abatzoglou

PhD Earth System Science, UC Irvine

John conducts climate related research specific to wildfire, agriculture and hydrology. He is an Associate Professor at UC Merced.

Cal Inman

Cal is a Bay Area developer and lecturer at UC Berkeley, Masters in Real Estate Development + Design.

Sam Eckhouse

Sam is a technology strategist focused on high performance computing, private, and public cloud.

Brad Inman

Brad is a journalist and publisher of the real estate industry media company Inman News.