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What is your climate risk?

If you own, manage or invest in real estate properties, you should assess the risk of damage caused by extreme weather events, and the potential costs.

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Real estate assets are at increased risk of damage from extreme weather hazards due to climate change. Property owners, investors, insurers, and asset managers have an urgent need to understand how climate change will impact current and future vulnerabilities of physical assets.

ClimateCheck provides detailed climate risk data and reports for individual properties, portfolios and geographic corridors so you can assess your exposure to extreme weather events now, and up to 40 years into the future.

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Many climate change risks can be mitigated through adaptations that make your property more resilient to extreme weather hazards.

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We are science, real estate and technology veterans with a passion for consumer advocacy and conservation.

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internationally accepted academic and government climate models aggregated

140m +

US properties indexed in our comprehensive real estate risk platform

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data points analyzed in our risk assessment and reporting algorithm