Enterprise Climate Risk Solutions

Complete climate risk solutions for enterprise customers including real estate investors, environmental consultants, lenders, and insurance companies.

Climate Risk Data

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ClimateCheck gives you a crystal-clear picture of climate risk in the United States.
We take complex climate data and boil it down to an actionable 1-100 score for heat, storm, fire, drought, and flood hazards. 1 means you are exposed to relatively low risk. 100 means extreme risk.

Our team of PhD scientists interpret dozens of internationally accepted global climate datasets to deliver the most accurate climate risk ratings available today – risk ratings you can trust when making important decisions.

Our easy-to-access real estate climate risk data sets present current risk exposure and give you projections for up to 40 years in the future. Better understand the climate risk of an individual property, a portfolio of properties, or any geographic area.

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Data Delivery

“heat_score_max”: 70,
“heat_threshold_f”: 93,
“heat_baseline_avg”: 8,
“heat_future_avg_2050”: 42,
“heat_county_comparison”: 94,
“heat_county_risk”: 68,
“heat_percentile_25”: 62,
“heat_percentile_50”: 64,
“heat_percentile_75”: 66,
“storm_score”: 26,
“storm_baseline_avg_counts”: 8,
“storm_baseline_avg_totals_in”: 9,
“storm_future_avg_2050_counts”: 17,
“storm_future_avg_2050_totals”: 17,
“storm_county_comparison”: 67,
“storm_county_risk”: 38,

API and Bulk Data

Property-level real estate climate risk data available by API or Bulk.

Searchable by:
Lat / Lon
Address or APN
Bounding Box
Zip or Census

Insightful climate risk data for all hazards and time periods.

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Asset Level

Commercial Property Reports

35+ page report detailing real estate climate change risk for individual assets.

Hazards Covered:

  • Storm Surge
  • Inland Flooding
  • Precipitation
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Wildfire
  • Water Scarcity
  • High Tide Flooting
  • Extreme Heat
  • Drought

RCP Scenarios 4.5 & 8.5

Geographic comparisons, data over time in 5-year increments and granular mapping.

In use by all stakeholders — equity (private and REITs), lenders, and corporate — for due diligence on new acquisitions and analysis and monitoring of existing assets.

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Portfolio Analysis

Review existing portfolios for climate risk and create actionable steps to mitigate risk.

Monitor your portfolio for changes. Stay current on the newest and best climate science for your assets and ensure your portfolio is balanced.

Inform your investment thesis. Identify geographic risks and position your business strategy to minimize risk and maximize opportunities in a changing environment.

Designed for everyone in the capital stack including lenders, investors, corporations, retail and commercial lease holders.

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Area & Corridor

Area Reports

Area Reports — 35+ page report detailing climate change risk for any area. Searchable by any geographic area.

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Corridor Reports

Area Reports - 35+ page report detailing climate change risk for any type of corridor of any length.

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