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Enterprise climate risk data solutions for real estate investors, environmental consultants, lenders, insurance companies, and analytics providers.

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ClimateCheck provides you with a crystal-clear picture of climate risk in the United States and Canada.

We take complex climate data and boil it down to an actionable 1-100 score for hazards like extreme heat and precipitation, wildfire, drought, wind, and flood. 1 means a property or region is exposed to relatively low risk. 100 means extreme risk.


Our team of PhD scientists interpret dozens of internationally accepted global climate datasets to provide the most accurate climate risk ratings available today — risk ratings you can trust when making important decisions.


Our easy-to-access real estate climate risk data sets present current risk exposure and provide you with projections for up to 40 years in the future. Better understand the climate risk of an individual property, a portfolio of properties, or any geographic area.

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ClimateCheck’s predictive hazard models enable real estate stakeholders to manage and mitigate climate risk

Climate Solution

Risk Management

Understand your physical climate risk with property and portfolio analysis.

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Climate Solution

Regulatory Disclosure

Follow best practices and stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements.

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Climate Solution Products

Climate Risk Screening

A quick overview of the hazards related to your assets.

What is it used for?

  • Inform your underwriting and due diligence.
  • Quickly understand an individual property’s exposure to climate risks.

Property Level Reports

Detailed 35-page property level report.

What is it used for?

  • Comprehensive due diligence for new acquisitions.
  • Analyze and monitor existing assets.
  • Deep dive on individual property risk with hazard maps for geographic comparison, a granular timeline of historical to future risk, and easy to understand data visualizations.

Portfolio Analysis

A high-level climate risk analysis on a portfolio of assets

What is it used for?

  • Analyze and monitor your portfolios for exposure to climate risk.
  • Create actionable steps for diversification and mitigation.
  • Inform your investment thesis to minimize risk and maximize opportunities in a changing environment.
  • Designed for everyone in the capital stack including lenders, investors, corporations, retail and commercial lease holders.

Data Feed

Climate risk data for all hazards delivered in bulk or via API

What is it used for?

  • Custom data queries for all hazards across North America.
  • Granular historical, current, and future risk.
  • Instantly assess risk, whether for an individual property, multiple properties, or entire regions – from corridors and cities to states, provinces, territories, zip, or postal codes.
  • Unique bulk data product allows you to build derivative products and integrate with existing data platforms.

Our Customers

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Real Estate Investors

Add climate risk data into your investment thesis and stay ahead of evolving regulation.

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Issue new loans with climate risk screening and analyze existing portfolio for current and future climate risks.

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Data & Analytics

Add climate risk to offer your customers a more complete understanding of the risks to their assets.

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Due Diligence Consultants

Include climate risk in your client’s Property Condition Assessment (PCA) and Environmental Phase I Reports.

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Asset Managers

Understand, manage, and mitigate climate risks for your asset portfolios to stay ahead of evolving regulation.

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ESG Consultants

Help your clients manage, mitigate, and identify opportunities related to climate risk for all their assets.