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ClimateCheck Releases Climate Risk Analysis for 300+ Cities

Tess Townsend | Sep 04, 2022
ClimateCheck is making data for 300+ cities across 43 states available for free to consumers as part of its City Pages i...
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ClimateCheck Team Interview - Dr. Laura McGowan PhD Atmospheric Science, UC Davis

Wendy Erickson | Aug 29, 2022
Dr. Laura McGowan PhD Atmospheric Science, UC Davis We are fortunate to have a great atmospheric scientist on our Climat...
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Climate Action in the Inflation Reduction Act

Wendy Erickson | Aug 24, 2022
On August 16th, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. The landmark act contains the largest expen...
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Fire Risk Ratings within the McKinney Fire Perimeter

Max Stiefel | Aug 14, 2022
Fire Risk Ratings and the McKinney Fire Perimeter On Friday, July 29, 2022 the The ClimateCheck Fire Risk Rating uses m...
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Climate Change Scenarios: Representation Concentration Pathways (RCPs) Explained

Wendy Erickson | Jul 21, 2022
Representation Concentration Pathways (RCPs) Climate scenarios are used to represent a range of plausible outcomes for c...
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Hurricane Areas of Impact Are Changing Quickly due to Climate Change

Madeira Lowe | Jul 03, 2022
As climate change expands the tropical climate regions, hurricane-prone regions are moving towards the North and South P...
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Native Plant Ranges and Climate Change

Wendy Erickson | Jun 24, 2022
Native Plant Ranges and Climate Change Climate change is shifting temperatures around the world away from their historic...
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Local Climate Governance - A Perspective on Climate Change at the Local Level

Wendy Erickson | Jun 05, 2022
Local Climate Governance Monitoring and mitigating climate change at a local level is important. Local governments and n...
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ClimateCheck Team Interview - Maximilian Stiefel PhD Geography UC Santa Barbara

Wendy Erickson | May 17, 2022
Maximilian Stiefel PhD Geography UC Santa Barbara Our team at ClimateCheck uses complex modeling to understand how clima...
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ClimateCheck Team Interview - Dr Annie Preston PhD

Wendy Erickson | May 06, 2022
Dr. Annie Preston PhD Computer Science, UC Davis Here is a chance to get to know our wonderful data visualization and ri...
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SEC Mandatory Climate-Related Disclosures

Wendy Erickson | Mar 24, 2022
On March 21st 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed a In more detail, the proposed changes would ...
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Interviews with California Climate Migrants

Wendy Erickson | Feb 20, 2022
After years of record breaking fire seasons in California, many individuals and families are making the hard decision to...
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What ClimateCheck Data Tells Us About Fire Risk in the Marshall Fire Area

Wendy Erickson | Jan 23, 2022
The Marshall fire What Does the ClimateCheck Data Tell Us? Our ClimateCheck data shows us that homes in the Marshall fi...
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ClimateCheck’s New Wildfire Model

Wendy Erickson | Jan 07, 2022
ClimateCheck uses wildfire as one of our five indicators of climate risk. We base this measurement on the average percen...
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Are Tornadoes Connected to Climate Change?

Wendy Erickson | Dec 22, 2021
The recent tornadoes that hit the Mid-Mississippi Valley are some of the most deadly in U.S. history. The worst of the d...
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The Biden Infrastructure Bills and Climate Change

Wendy Erickson | Dec 03, 2021
In November 2021 President Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure package that includes funding to help America prote...
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Why is Wildfire Smoke so Hard to Predict?

Wendy Erickson | Nov 22, 2021
Smoke produced by wildfires, including forest fires, can spread widely and cause public health risks to air quality. Cli...
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The Five States Hit Worst By Natural Disasters

Cal Inman | Oct 28, 2021
The United States weathers more natural disasters than any other country in the world. From hurricanes to tornadoes, flo...
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Safeguarding the U.S. Economy from Climate-Related Financial Risk

Wendy Erickson | Oct 21, 2021
The Biden Administration recently issued the 40-page executive order undefined Most current investment portfolios are b...
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Climate-Smart Real Estate Investing

Wendy Erickson | Oct 15, 2021
Climate change has led to the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events. For investors in real estate, ...
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A Renter's Guide to Extreme Weather

Wendy Erickson | Sep 27, 2021
This last year has seen numerous damaging fires, floods, and hurricanes all throughout the United States. For renters or...
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Why Hurricanes Have More Rain Than Ever

Wendy Erickson | Sep 07, 2021
The tropical depression Hurricane Ida and other recent storms have caused significant damage to our coastal communities ...
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Extreme Drought in 2021

Wendy Erickson | Aug 12, 2021
In the summer of 2021, much of the Southwest and West United States has suffered under extreme and devastating drought c...
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Can Homeowners Purchase Hurricane Insurance?

Wendy Erickson | May 01, 2021
Hurricanes are an increasingly worrisome threat for many homeowners, especially with the rising impact of climate change...
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Wildfires: States With Highest Risk to Homes

Annie Preston | Mar 17, 2021
Which states are the riskiest in terms of wildfire danger posed to homes? When assessing fire risk for a property, it’s ...
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Heat and Temperature Risks Due to Climate Change

Cal Inman | Mar 02, 2021
Over 650 people die each year in the United States because of extreme heat. Many more experience heat related illnesses....
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Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Cal Inman | Feb 23, 2021
Your need for food insurance is based on the level of risk of flooding in your area vs your tolerance for potential dama...
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Wildfire Risk: Are We Building Just to Burn?

Skylar Olsen | Feb 10, 2021
California and the Pacific Northwest are experiencing unprecedented wildfires. The severity, location, and timing of the...
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